Chief was a little side project for Justin and his wife Libby back in 2015 after discovering that most “healthy” snacks are often not that healthy after all – full of sugar.

The couple, along with Veronika, who is a nutritionist and exercise physiologist, and Brock the CEO, set about creating the healthiest possible snacks in a packet which has now gone into powder and supplements. Justin is the marketing and operations “chief” of the business.

What’s the business ethos of ‘Chief?’

What’s the business ethos of ‘Chief?’

Chief is all about healthy people and a healthy planet. We make products that give people much healthier and more sustainable options, designed to replace the ultra processed snacks and supplements that are the norm today. We're big supporters of regenerative farming practices and support Aussie farmers and regional communities through our support of Thankful For Farmers.

Where are you noticing are the biggest growth opportunities for the business?

We’re growing like crazy online right now, we’re up 50% from November last year (typically our high point before the Dec/Jan lull) which is a little mind blowing. But we’re also getting great wins in bricks and mortar with more major retailers coming on board this year already. We’re excited for our export opportunities too. We already sell into NZ, Singapore and the Middle East, and want to launch in the US later this year.

What bit of business advice do you live by every day?

The obstacle is the way. It's a stoic philosophy that means to turn challenges into opportunities. We try to be grateful for our challenges because they make us better.