There’s a hole in my bucket dear Kelly, dear Kelly, there’s a hole in my bucket, dear Kelly a hole! In fact, lots of holes. And that is what started the global success of STRUCKET which is simplifying the lives of many households. It is always the simplest ideas that work.

How did the idea of Strucket come about?

What’s the business ethos of ‘Chief?’

When my son was born (third child) and I was back soaking clothes in the laundry, a task that can be done many times a day, this business idea popped into my head! My life was busy, three children, time poor and many things to do. I would soak my items in my bucket and wander off. I would return sometimes hours, or even a day later only to discover that what I had soaked was now a dirty mess. I really didn’t want to touch it and it was then that I thought my bucket needed to offer me more. I began looking for a bucket that could assist me with getting the items out quickly and hygienically but there was nothing available. And that is how the Strucket was born!

What do you think have been your biggest successes to date?

To develop a one-of-a-kind product and then successfully bring it to market is a huge task. I was probably a little naïve with how hard it would be but we did it and we have built a well-known and trusted brand. We’ve sold over 300,000 units and now export our Australian Made Strucket around the world.

Why is being Australian made so important to the success of the business?

With the investment made into our initial set up of the product, the most comfortable pathway for us was Australian Made – to have our manufacturing in our own back yard just made so much sense. It felt so right.

How has digital media changed your business?

It gave us the platform to launch a product and educate our target market. The digital space allows you to connect with a large audience affordably and often.