Features Editor Ros Reines, caught up with interior stylist, serial renovator and philanthropist, and founder of T-House, Tina Nettlefold.

When she turned 60, Tina Nettlefold started T-House - an online homewares platform, which would earn her absolutely nothing. Yes, you read that sentence correctly. 

Little wonder that many thought she was crazy. 

At 60, life is supposed to become cushy. Surely, it’s not the time to throw yourself into a not-for-profit start up? Who needs that kind of responsibility and a daily grind? 

“People said to me, `if you want to give money away, why not just write a cheque?” she recalls. 

But Nettlefold, who has a background in advertising, interior design and as a mum (“I call being a stay-at-home mum a career”), had a vision. 

She was excited about what the future would hold for her and for others she wanted to help. 

“I don’t think people really understand what we do,” Nettlefold admits. “We’re basically a homewares range who give 100% of our sales back to those three charities we support. We are very proud of what we do,” she says. 

University of Western Sydney chancellor and the new chair of the $460 million ASX-listed philanthropic vehicle, Future Generation Global, Jennifer Westacott, is hoping that initiatives like Tina Nettlefold’s will be the way of the future. 

Westacott, the former head of the Business Council of Australia, will lead the push for a special tax-free allowance for people to donate to charities in this country. This should enhance the Australian Government’s goal of doubling philanthropy by 2030. 

Tina Nettlefold says that she and her family had a lot of success early on in life, which enables her to give back. 

Now at 63, she relishes this opportunity to excel for others. “You’re never too old to start something new,” she says. 

“T-House is here to stay.” 

Nettlefold will continue to reap the many spiritual and humanitarian benefits of her work. 

Well, as the late writer, poet and civil rights activist, Maya Angelou put it, “giving liberates the soul.”